HobbitCon DREI!

Posted by BackstagepassNL on April 9, 2015 at 1:55 PM

There are a few weekends we look forward to, but nothing beats being at a FedCon convention. This Eastern a convention, called HobbitCon Drei, took place in Bonn, Germany. Thousands of people dressed as dwarves, elves and hobbits came to celebrate the movies from The Hobbit. Not only did the fans show up, but also some actors from the movie franchise itself. HobbitCon outdid itself by inviting actor Luke Evans, who is not only known for playing Bard the Bowman but also portraying the leading role in Dracula or being in the Three Musketeers.

HobbitCon is a convention where you can meet your favourite actors but also can meet up with other fans. We experience it like a big (con)family. It’s nice to be at HobbitCon for a weekend where everyone understand your love for the movie, the books, the actors and just the entire fandom. And not only do we as fans appreciate it, we get amazing love back from the actors. Each and every single one of them lets us know how much this convention means to them.

The atmosphere at HobbitCon (and the other FedCon conventions) is different from others. It’s special to visit a convention where the actors can just walk around and talk to the fans, or where they can just turn up at the party while people continue to dance and don’t really care Luke Evans is walking past them!

This year was the biggest HobbitCon so far and that was very noticeable! Not only was it more packed but the energy was renewed. More younger people with a brand new energy visited and gave HobbitCon the little extra spark. Besides that, everyone is very respectful towards the actors resulting in the actors wanting to come back each year. So that’s why HobbitCon VIER will happen in 2016!

Thank you to Dirk and the FedCon team for organising these amazing convention. We can’t wait for the other convention and we’ll definitely be back at HobbitCon VIER!

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